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Located at: Cedar Nursery, Sandy Lane, Braishfield, Romsey, SO51 0PD

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For temporary hair removal lasting 4 - 6 weeks.


Only the highest quality hard wax is used for sensitive areas of the face, underarms and bikini area. No strips, limited redness, and virtually pain free for a more comfortable treatment.



For all other areas a high quality, Tea Tree Cream Wax is used for its soft texture, soothing properties and lasting results.


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For temporary hair removal lasting 4 - 6 weeks.

Warm Waxing/ Strip Wax

A high quality crème wax with added properties of tea tree for the most sensitive skin types, minimal discomfort and irritation.

Hot Wax/ Hard Wax

Highest quality hot wax for those sensitive areas.

Removes terminal hair effectively with minimal discomfort.


Full Leg                                         50 Mins                          £28


Full Leg & Bikini                          1 Hr 15 Mins                   £38


Three Quarter Leg                       40 Mins                           £22


Half Leg                                         30 Mins                           £16


Half Leg & Bikini                          50 Mins                            £28


Underarm                                     20 Mins                            £14


Standard Bikini                            20 Mins                            £20


Extended Bikini                            30 Mins                            £25


Brazilian                                       30 - 40 Mins                      £30


Hollywood                                    45 Mins                             £34


Eyebrow Wax/Shape                   20 Mins                             £10


Lip or Chin                                    15 Mins                             £10


Lip & Chin                                     20 Mins                            £14

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Laura Bevan

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